Sharon Dying, Iran trying for the A-bomb, The war in Iraq, I heard Pat Robertson say “this is the most critical time in the history of the middle east!” Not at all. Obviously spoken by a man who’s never lived in Israel. I like Pat Robertson and he means well. I don’t agree with everything he says but he loves Israel, I give him props.
Pray for Sharon, he’s doing all he can for HaAretz. I know all the Messianics will scream and shout at me and tell me Sharon’s giving away G-d’s land. Nonsense. Do you think Sharon can give or take away what belongs to Yehova??? Is Sharon mightier then G-d?
I’m tired of Messianics thinking that Israel is so close to G-d that it can do no wrong. Tired of the thought that Jews who deny Yeshua are beyond reproach. Oh you bet, if you aren’t a Messianic… keep your mouth shut… don’t even try to intervene on things which you know nothing about. Unless you’re a gentile who understands the anti-Semitism in the Church, unless you understand that Yeshua is the King of the Jews, unless you can give me at least 25 reasons why your pastor needs to take a tour of Israel then please exit now. This is for Believers with a clue.
Sharon can give away the entire land to the Palestinians. I know you’re shocked hearing that from me. You know I’m very pro Israel and that I believe that Allah is a demon from hell. How can I say such things about The Land? Here’s why. Because I believe in the sovereignty of G-d and what has happened to Israel in history. G-d has time and time again taken Israel from the Jews and given it to the heathen.

Are we all Believers here? Ok let’s proceed. Israel is not saved. “But Jews who love G-d and follow his commandments, they will make it”. Do you know how many Messianics say that?. The majority. They feel that G-d will allow Jews, who deny Yeshua, will still make it to heaven. I wish that was true. They tell me how the Jews have suffered through the holocaust, how devoted they are, how they say the Shmah and there has to be some room there for the apple of G-d’s eye. You have no idea how I wish that was true.  Paul said, in essence, send me to hell, but save them. I feel the same way, but it doesn't change anything

Here’s the tough fact… "No man comes to the Father but by Me". You can cry Yehova, you can cry Messiah, you can cry holocaust and you can cry Sharon but it will not save you. There is One Name and that is Yeshua.

Here’s another bomb for you. Israel can come and go. I don’t care if you’re pre-Trib, mid Trib, pre wrath, or post Trib… Israel can come and go as a nation. This isn’t the blooming of the fig tree. The last days are not upon us! How do I know that? Because we’re all looking for it. The return of Yeshua will come upon us like a thief in the night. We have global watching going on right now… there are unbelievers who are looking for the return Of Yeshua and converting because of the Left Behind Series. Let me tell you this. The end days will happen long after you’re dead. Here’s the arrogance… The Disciples thought that Yeshua would return in their day. They were wrong. But these idiots who teach prophecy think THEY know when it’s going to happen. Let’s look at that. These arrogant men think they know more then those who sat, ate, drank and slept with Yeshua. Meditate on that for just a second. We’re talking about Peter. We’re talking about John the Beloved. We’re talking about those who wrote THE BIBLE. Benny Hinn knows more? Really?  Benny Hinn isn't even Saved (read my article on Benny here )

Look, nothing against prophecy teachers. My dad teaches prophecy. If you want info on the last days, he’s the best out there. But he doesn’t say when the whole thing is going down. He may have a theory or two but no one is going to put their name down who has any intelligence like for example, Hal Lindsey (why is he still on the air when his entire movie said it was going to be the USSR that rules the world... which no longer exists? Ah the days when false prophets were stoned till they died). Here's a peek at the last days... CBN no longer exists, Fox Network is but a memory, the Bible is still on the shelves but kind of like Charlie Brown's farewell letter. It's when your “Christian Friends” are talking about how they think multiple sex partners should be limited to three… then maybe you’re on the verge of the last days. Not now. The whole world is about to experience atomic annihilation you say? Not as long as there’s an Israel! Israel will take out any… any atomic development anywhere in the Middle East. If Pakistan even thought about turning to Israel? Pakistan will become a province of India.
"We need a Republican in office for the next 4 years", say my conservative friends. No we don’t… a Demoncrat would be just fine. “A Demoncrat? Rabbi, you’ve lost your mind!!!!!!” No, because when we need a Republican, every Demoncrat will vVOTE Republican, rest assured. They do it every time. Do we regress by having a Demoncrat in office? Yes we do every time a Demoncrat is elected but that’s what’s going to happen. Then comes the time when every righteous man and women of G-d rises up and seeks the One on whom they have crucified.
We are not in the last days. Sharon is a good man who we should support. Iran will not get the bomb because Israel will bomb it to kingdom come, you don’t read the Bible enough. These are the facts. Have a blessed 2006.
Rav Stanley

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